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Thursday, October 27, 2005

To the LGBT Community and Organizations

-Mark James, National Steering Committee of World Can't Wait

November 2, 2005 will mark the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime. Over 50 cities across the country have built organizing committees from the grass roots level to join the call to drive out the Bush Regime. Many organizations and thousands of individuals have endorsed this call without hesitation. Some organizations needed more convincing because of concerns about communists being involved or fears of doom and powerlessness. These concerns have been dealt with in a straight forward and up front way and can be found in the FAQ section on the web site at However, the most baffling response I’ve been getting has come from some of the LGBT community groups that have expressed the concern that DRIVING OUT THE BUSH REGIME isn’t LGBT specific enough for them to take up. I believe that this concern or assessment is incorrect and must be reevaluated.

Does the Bush Regime have an agenda and does this agenda include a future that effects the LGBT community? The simple answer is YES, however we must look at the particularities of what is currently going on and the trajectory of this ultra conservative bible based regime that is gaining more power within the government, straight to the White House. Back in the late 90’s we all chuckled at the gay hate rantings of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson. Their influence seemed limited at the time; no one seemed to take them too seriously. James Dobson of Focus on the Family wrote a pamphlet claiming that homosexuality can be prevented through prayer and reparative therapy. Pat Robertson equated homosexuals to satanists. Also, Robertson states that from a biblical perspective “the rise of homosexuality is a sign that society is in the last stage of decay.” He also stated recently “Hurricane Katrina occurred because New Orleans is the epicenter of sinful jazz music in America” and “As for Ellen “Degenerate” (an accurate nickname my friend Jerry Falwell coined) she will soon face the wrath of god in her more sinful town of Hollywood, California. God will create an earth quake with the epicenter just below her stage.” Maybe we could laugh at such statements several years ago, but these people have newfound power straight to George Bush, they are part of the Bush Regime. The “new normalcy” for the White House is daily prayer circles and bible quotes, Bush himself claims to be a born again Christian. These are more than just random statements made by crazy people. This is part of a growing and powerful movement with an ideology of hate, greed and bigotry aimed at anyone or any group that doesn’t conform to their narrow view of morality.

Let’s not forget that just over a decade ago our community was nearly decimated by the AIDS epidemic. And now as this disease is rapidly spreading through the African American and Latino Communities, as well as countries in Africa and around the world, our president is replacing government spending on AIDS education and condom distribution with faith based spending on abstinence only programs. They are promoting a policy of no sex before marriage and abstinence only for single people. How do gay people with no rights to marriage fit into this equation? We don’t because in their view we don’t have the right to be gay. Those who don’t follow their policy and their morality deserve the consequences of their actions. This is nothing short of genocide. For more information on this I suggest people read “With God on Their Side” by Esther Kaplan.

As for gay marriage, Arnold the Governator just recently over turned a bill from the California legislators that would recognize gay marriage. He ran on a platform of gay rights several years ago when Governor Grey Davis was recalled. Many were hopeful about this new bill only to be disappointed one more time. The president still plans to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage and he is currently building a supreme court that will approve it. No one should be so foolish as to think that John Roberts or Harriet Miers would vote against such an amendment. Also, don’t think for a second that this new court won’t be overturning Roe vs. Wade. It’s interesting that some of the first openly gay people to endorse the call to drive out the Bush Regime were politicians, including San Francisco supervisor, Tom Amiano and California Assemblyman Mark Leno along with NY State Senator Thomas Duane. What do these politicians see coming down the pike that others have yet to see?

This letter is meant to urge every progressive gay organization and community group to join in the call and build a mass movement to DRIVE OUT THIS REGIME. This letter hasn’t even begun to list all the reasons this movement must be built. Isn’t a war based on lies, torture of people who are guilty of nothing other than resisting this government, racial genocide as seen in the wake of Katrina, replacing science with religion, detention of people as enemy combatants without reason or due process, and taking the choice of procreation away from women enough reason to get on board. After all isn’t it the responsibility of all progressive people and organizations to defend the rights of everyone without being narrow and confined to self-interest?

Let’s look at the history of the German Nazi movement as an example of just how far a regime can go. In the early 1930s the German people enjoyed a variety of freedoms; the gay movement was flourishing. By 1934 Hitler had 1000 supporters of Ernst Roehm, a known homosexual, put to death. By 1935 Paragraph 175 was rewritten to allow the roundups and imprisonment of homosexuals. It was estimated that by the fall of the Nazi Regime up to 15,000 homosexuals were exterminated. This figure was nothing compared to the total number of people exterminated. Is it possible for something like that to happen again? I for one don’t want to just stand by and find out. The world truly can’t wait as we sit back to see what comes next.
Imagine for a moment, the LGBT community uniting with people from other communities and waging a battle against what is coming into being from these theocrats. This is exactly what is required; we must create a united front of resistance in our millions. We all want this trajectory to stop and we all must mobilize to stop it. This planet and the life on it depend on our actions. Can the future afford to wait as we go shopping or redecorate our houses or plan the next social event? Sorry folks, but this next period is going to require dedication and resolve to change the way we are being governed. Imagine a better world and what it will take to make that happen.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Letter to a Friend about Nov. 2nd

The following is a letter written by a World Can't Wait organizer to someone who has supported anti-war and anti-repression actions in the past, but wrote in reply to the Call that she would decline to participate in November 2.

Dear friend,

I contacted you without the slightest bit of exageration or hyperbole. If we're not careful, if we do not act like future depends on it, we will end up right where we're headed. When will we say enough and call for the Bush Regime to be driven from power? Should we wait until they legally torture thousands of people? Oh wait, they're already doing that, and unless we're doing this NOW, we're holding the leash of the tortured prisoners at Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo. When they grab US citizens, hold them indefinitely and incommunicado for years with no charges as 'enemy combatants' because the President says they are bad and to "trust me"? Oh wait,
they're already doing that with Jose Padilla and the Supreme Court just upheld it. When will it be fascist enough? When the Supreme Court overturns Roe Vs. Wade or effectively outlaws abortion by some other means? Because they're actively working towards that this very second. Or when they start sterilizing black women so there are no more black children, instead of just talking about doing that like Bill Bennet has been doing? How can you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, knowing what is being done in our name, and what is coming down the pike?

Seriously, I know you hate what's going on and care deeply about the people. That is why I thought of you. . . But just 'not liking' the direction of things won't cut it. And trucking along
with your work - however important it may be - while standing aside from the only thing that can alter the course of history (independent political action) will render your work (and all of
our work, for that matter) irrelevant. That is what is so very dangerous right now; that millions of people hate Bush and all he represents while they are learning to accept it.

Please re-read the call for World Can't Wait. This page here will speak to some of your questions (

To be clear, yes, there is sacrifice involved in taking a stand like this. But then think about what it would mean for the millions of Iraqis and Afghanistanis living under US occupation. What it would mean to millions of women and gay people in this country. There must - and there will - be a movement to back you up. The Oakland Education Association has passed a resolution saying that no student or faculty member will be punished for participating on Nov. 2nd because they didn't go to school or work. The fact is that we are alone until we take this stand together and act commensurate with what it is needed, then we not only have a fighting chance, but we can turn dreams into reality.

We are not creating this extreme situation, but we have an opportunity stop it. And imagine how incredible it will be when this regime is driven out! Only an effort to drive the Bush Regime from power is commensurate - and, because of that, it is the only thing that can inspire millions out of their hardening political passivity. I'd really love to know what you're thinking. I'm not sure if the reason you feel unable to do this is a result of the vicious attacks from the press and elsewhere that came down on you after you opposed the war on Iraq. Or if you've got some differences with the call for World Can't Wait, let's discuss. It is just too important to let slip by.

Will you sign call for World Can't Wait? Let's talk about what can
be done and how you could contribute.

All the best,

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Debra Sweet - 10 days left till Nov. 2nd!

Sunday, October 23, 2005 - and 10 days until the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime

As I write this, I am tremendously optimistic - and working with more urgency than I can ever remember.

We've made much progress since my last letter, just two weeks ago:

*The World Can't Wait Encampment opened at the White House, and has been become quite a dynamic center of activity.
*We received a really positive response at the Millions More Movement March on October 15, even to the extent of being one of the four featured pictures on the Millions More Movement website.
*Howard Zinn and Michael Eric Dyson have stepped out to do statements and Public Service Announcements calling on people to come out on November 2.
*Prominent people from an incredible range of walks of life have endorsed the Call for November 2.
*Some significant groups and organizations - the After Downing Street Coalition, the Axis of Justice, Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America, as well as others - have endorsed November 2, and put links onto their web-sites.
*And - very important, very crucial - the campuses are beginning to get galvanized!

Not least, hundreds of people turned out to the first session of the Bush Crimes Commission in New York this weekend. People heard expert testimony on possible crimes against humanity by the Bush Administration concerning wars of aggression; torture and indefinite detention; destruction of the global environment; and attacks on global public health and reproductive rights. And on Saturday, there was a special evidentiary hearing on Hurricane Katrina.

Through all this, during these past ten days, tens of thousands of new people have visited our website and many have signed up, wanting to get active. We are striking a very deep chord with people. There is every basis to make November 2 what it really has to be - a powerful launching of a movement that is determined to do nothing short of ACTUALLY DRIVING OUT THE BUSH REGIME!

Yet as much ground as we covered, there's a whole lot more yet to make up. Many, many things cry out to be done, and very quickly and very well, in order to make November 2 successful. We have to persevere in everything I said in my last letter.

Before I get into all we need to do, I want to really stress that we have to keep in mind exactly WHY we are doing all this. The Call captures this in a very powerful way: “People look at this and think of Hitler - and they are right to do so. The Bush Regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.” We've got to keep making that argument, from different angles, with people. (Our new FAQ's actually help to speak to some of what people have raised in response.) At the same time, as illusions are spread about the regime just “unravelling” on its own, Bush supposedly being unable to make any progress with his agenda, we need to bring home the point that, “People who steal elections and believe they're on a 'mission from God' will not go without a fight.”

With our mission in mind, and with all that we've accomplished and all that we've yet to do facing us, I want to highlight a few key priorities for this last ten days.

Concretize and popularize the plans for November 2: People need to know, now, what is going to happen in your area on November 2. What we have on the website now is not concrete enough. Every local chapter should begin to list its major speakers, main endorsers, where the march or demonstration will assemble and where it will march. Send these plans to, and to your local press. Such plans let people know what is really happening, and give them a sense of the scope and scale we are aiming for in a very real way.

Enlist more organizations and prominent people into November 2: As we head into this final stretch, we need many more prominent people and key organizations to be part of November 2. And when they do, we need to publicize this. When long-standing activists or public figures take a stand, this is important in its own right, it gives people a sense of momentum, and it creates space for other people to take a stand.

When organizations come on board, they bring knowledge, resources, and - most of all - people to the table, and can immeasurably strengthen the overall effort. There are many organizations which, at this point, we can and must win to take this up. Right now, it is very important to get to LGBTQ organizations (including gay-straight alliances in the schools); antiwar groups; religious groups and progressive congregations; and groups and people that were part of the Millions More Movement event (especially, but not limited to, the many there who enthusiastically welcomed World Can't Wait organizers).

Raise money: This is crucial. At this point, hundreds of volunteers have quit their jobs or otherwise made great sacrifices, but lack of money is holding us back. Can you imagine if we could publish the Call in, say, USA Today or The New York Times? If we advertise on the radio stations listened to by the youth? If we could actually pay our organizers so that they could fly around the country, speaking out and meeting with people? Not to mention the expenses that go into major demonstrations (sound systems, platforms, etc.) We need money - urgently!

Connect with the people who want to get active: We can't under-estimate the importance of this and from what I hear we're still doing this a bit unevenly. Every single person who has signed up must be called this week, invited into the fray, and at the very least be given things they can do right that day - including from their home or job, if they can't come into an office. For starters, they can donate money, they can e-mail the call to friends, they can download the call and leave copies out all over their neighborhood, they could volunteer to phone-bank from home. And when we get new names, we need a system to turn it around right away.

Bring out the students: In many different ways, and in particular using the street theater in the "instructional video" to dramatize torture, the student movement for November 2 has developed. But this must take a big step forward. The thousands of youth who've turned in their names or expressed interest must now have their attention turned to November 2, and to actually driving out the Bush regime. This is big. This is historic. This is something people have never seen happen in this country. So we must bring home to these youth the importance of acting on that day, do the work needed to mobilize, and turn them out by the thousands.

Something very profound, something very important to the people of the world and to the future, is within reach. But we are going to have to work and struggle like we never have before to actually get it in our grasp. Between now and the 2nd, let's make every hour count!


Debra Sweet, National Co-ordinator of the World Can't Wait

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Open Letter to the South Asian Community

Open letter to South Asian Community
An open letter to the South Asian Community:
from Prachi Noor, World Can't Wait national steering committee & Saira Ali - World Can't Wait
posted on

You look at the pictures of naked men on leashes ordered at act like dogs and your anger wells up…

You hear about Falluja being bombed to rubble and despair...

You see over 100,000 mainly Black people left behind to die in New Orleans and your blood boils…

You see John Robert’s swearing in as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and get chills imagining how we will go back to back-street alley abortions and no birth control…

You read about prisoners at Guantanamo bay pledging to starve them-selves to death to end the torture and indefinite detentions without trial and you are infuriated…

You hear about two 16-year old Muslim girls picked up from their homes, detained without charges, with secret so-called evidence against them, and you fear for what will happen to the youth...

And it doesn’t stop there. Every day you open the newspaper, open your emails or put on the TV wondering what will be next: intelligent design in schools, vilification of gays and lesbians as unnatural and satanic, unleashing of Minutemen militia, moves towards a theocracy, attacks on academic freedom and unfettered assault on the environment.

The Call for the World Can’t Wait, Drive out the Bush Regime says, “The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.” November 2nd 2005 will be the beginning of this! What you do in the next two weeks could be part of making history.

Many of us organized for and marched on February 15th and March 20th to stop the invasion of Iraq. We poured onto the streets to stop the attacks on immigrant communities and against the Patriot Act. We celebrated the tremendous resistance of millions of people around the world. Some of us organize for detainees, worker’s rights and against the war. Some of us voted for the first time in our lives in the last election and organized others to do the same. We’ve been talking to our friends, families, and co-workers about our anger, despair and frustration.

This is not enough! Anger and frustration alone will not stop the current atrocities carried out by this government and the horrific direction they are taking. However, this anger and frustration can drive us to take history into our hands and organize and mobilize the millions of others who feel the same way. It is no longer enough to live an ethical life of good politics. It is no longer enough for us to declare our solidarity with those people around the world whose lives have been devastated by this government. “Silence and paralysis are NOT acceptable. That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn— or be force— to accept.” We can already see the beginning of this being borne true with torture, racial profiling, mass murder and destruction and the list goes on.

We will not conciliate with this regime over mass murder, torture of human beings, and denial of women’s right over their own bodies. We can’t afford to keep waiting and hoping that somehow we are going to make it through. We can’t sit there and hope that the ‘empire’ will fall or that the Democratic Party will come to the world’s rescue. We can’t stand aside from what is happening here because our homes are in another country. We need to stop this regime now. Because the world really can’t wait! Because the people living here and all around the country can’t afford to wait another day for more lives to be devastated, as they take us daily closer and closer to a society we could not stand to live in.

We need a movement that threatens their existence. We need a vehicle that is aimed at halting the entire program that encompasses all the outrages of this regime. ‘World Can’t Wait!’ is this vehicle and Nov. 2 will be the day of public manifestation of that aim to drive the regime out.

What is the responsibility of all of us who live in this country and hate the outrages forced by this government on the people of the world? As people who hate the Bush regime for what it is doing and the future it promises we have to take responsibility to drive out the Bush regime. We are people from parts of the world where we have seen various religious fundamentalisms take brutal forms we know what this looks like; we can begin to imagine what a fascistic form it would take in this country. We are those communities in the United States that have seen large scale mass round-ups, rampart racial profiling, surveillance and disappearances. We are those communities here and around the world torn between vicious choices over supporting Bush’s war on terror or siding with fundamentalists. As such people, we have a responsibility to drive out the Bush Regime. As people from countries with a history of liberation struggles and driving out colonial regimes we have a responsibility to take inspiration from that courage, rebelliousness and determination and put it into ending this entire program.

And WE can do it.

“We need more than fighting Bush’s outrages one at a time, constantly losing ground to the whole onslaught. We must, and can, aim to create a political situation where the Bush regime’s program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking society is reversed.”

As writers and artists you can express the anger, the pain, the truth of these outrages, you can inspire people to resist and you have an audience that reaches far beyond those you know. You can create art, write articles, call up editors and ask them to print the World Can’t Wait Call in their newspapers, put it on their websites and publicize November 2nd.

As professors and teachers you can start organizing the youth, students, teachers and professors—students have always played a tremendous role in upsurges and resistance, and in fact if the campuses and high schools are not alive with resistance and debate, we will not be able to drive out the Bush regime. Today when academic freedom itself is under attack, those who have dedicated their lives to this must play a forefront role in mobilizing others to resist.

As taxi drivers and grocery store owners you meet hundreds of people every day— figure out ways to plaster the World Can’t Wait posters, stickers, flyers across the city and spread it throughout the communities— imagine if on November 2nd, South Asian communities across the city are vibrant and alive with a visible and public proclamation to Drive Out the Bush Regime—we are not alone or scared because hundreds of thousands more across the country are with us.

As lawyers many of you know families of people who are currently caught up in immigration dragnets— you can give voice to these nameless and faceless people, you can organize lawyers, legal groups, bar associations and in law schools. The unanimous passage of the Patriot Act, the unabashed disdain and violation of International law, the rejection of international treaties on torture and detentions has many lawyers and legal scholars up in arms. All of this needs to be harnessed into a movement that is actually aimed at driving this regime from power.

As activists and organizers you work with people who every day face and stand up to the harsh realities of these outrages— draw these different people together as a strong force that isn’t aimed at just one outrage or another, or scrambling from one attack to another, but that can galvanize millions into a force that will actually have a chance to stop this onslaught in it’s tracks.

To everyone: we need you to be organizers and inspire others to be organizers. We need people ready to DRIVE OUT the Bush regime, we need to you to raise and donate money, we need you to mobilize your families and co-workers; we need ideas, creativity, courage and defiance. We all have a tremendous role we could play now, or we could continue with life as usual.

“November 2 will be the beginning— a giant first step in forcing Bush to step down, and a powerful announcement that we will not stop until he does so— and it will join with and give support and heart to people all over the globe who so urgently need and want this regime to be stopped. The future is unwritten. Which one we get is up to us.”

Go to, check out the website, and sign the attached call. Get in touch with us; take this call out to others and start organizing massive walk-outs from work places and schools for November 2nd, the ‘beginning of the end of the Bush Regime.’

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Countdown until the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime

10/10/05: 23 days until the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime!

Debra Sweet

From: Debra Sweet

To: All World Can't Wait Organizers

It is three weeks until November 2nd and we need to seriously focus on the countdown to the 2nd itself. This is our "stretch run," and we'd better start kicking!

So, where are we in relation to what we set out in our call: to making November 2 "the first major step in [driving out the regime] by organizing a truly massive day of resistance all over this country? People everywhere will walk out of school, they will take off work, they will come to the downtowns and Town Squares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on more to JOIN US. They will repudiate this criminal regime, making a powerful statement NO! THIS REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT!"

There have been a lot of positive elements coming forward in response to our call, but we are still not yet in the ball park of being able to realize our vision. And yet, as we all know, it is urgently required of us to do just that. So I am sending along some thoughts on how we can actually bridge the gap from where we are now to where we need to be. In other words, my ideas on how to get where we need to be in three short weeks - to making this a truly historic beginning of a resistance movement that is going to drive out the Bush Regime.

First off, let's remember that we have set out to do the seemingly impossible because it is the only thing that is at all realistic. Only political action that repudiates Bush and his whole program, and that wins millions to this stand, has any chance of stopping a fascist, theocratic remaking of society. This is not rhetoric but a very sober assessment of the stakes of our times.

Some people have told us "you can't talk this way" - for instance, that you can't compare Bush to Hitler. But this is what fascism looks like in OUR day and age.

Look, we raise this alert with no reservations or apology. What the hell are Americans getting used to? To legitimizing torture - with Bush now threatening to veto a bill that would even limit it? To what people watched for a week on their TV screens in New Orleans? To blaming the people upon whom these crimes were perpetrated for their own suffering? To arrest and indefinitely hold anyone without trial or even a hearing - only on the President's say-so? Some of this quite frankly goes beyond the early days of the Hitler regime.

Let's return to the sober, truthful honesty of our Call. That's our "time out in the 4th quarter." Are we right or are we wrong? We are, in fact, RIGHT. We are, in fact, today reaching and moving people in their thousands. The response to the Air America ads has borne this out. And we do, in fact, have it within our reach to mobilize people in their tens and hundreds of thousands and reach them in their millions - if we stick to the truth of our call and if we undertake a truly Herculean effort in these next three weeks. Even those people who are today clinging to denial or giving way to despair can be moved to act if we who are not afraid to take responsibility for drastically changing the course, challenge them. The call is challenging; that is part of what's so good about it! After all, you can't inspire people if you don't challenge them. Aiming for anything less than what we set out to do in our Call - anything less than creating "a situation where the Bush regime's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking society is reversed" - is a waste of precious time and humanity.

We need to mobilize tens of thousands in the major cities on that day, so that they in turn can call forward in the course of the day thousands and tens of thousands more, implementing the call to JOIN US. We need to make an announcement that day to all of society that a movement has begun that can't be ignored and will be coming to millions more on the evening news.

So - what do we do? What are the things that are indispensable to success on November 2?

The first thing I'd like to announce is our new website - which has been, thanks to the tireless and big-hearted work of our web team, under construction for the last month. This week we are redesigning the home page so that all the listeners coming to us from Air America and from getting our call at Sept 24th and Oct 15th will find in the most prominent position on the page our call...THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT - DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME. The new home page will be featuring the most controversial and essential passages in the Call and featuring our best arguments for debate. We will also add to the site every day with news of the movement and news of society, giving people a sense of how we can actually do this. Start looking at the site every day - for daily guidance and the development of the dynamic movement that is taking shape.

Please note: we still need assistance on the website, including people who know how to make the site much more connected into the flow of the net.

Second, we need the Voices of Conscience more fully represented - in print, in endorsement of this call for November 2nd and throwing in to make it happen. For months now we have reached out to ordinary people and asked them to do extraordinary things and people are doing so, but people need those they look to standing with them and for organizations and social movements of all kinds to throw in and build November 2nd.

Third, we need to be assembling the bridges that allow us to really reach out to and speak to millions,spreading the word throughout society, beginning now, in the national media. The Air America ads have helped to make this movement go from unknown to KNOWN, but hundreds of thousands of dollars more are needed to really saturate the airwaves and lay the basis to get ads on TV. We need spokespeople and activists to be interviewed, public service announcements (PSAs) and ads on campus radio and newspapers, and in the alternative media in the weeks to come.

Fourth, hundreds of thousands of dollars and more have to start pouring in to The World Can't Wait effort. Organizers need support and office space, and staff need to be expanded. Phone and work space for a rapid expansion of volunteers have to be planned for now.

Fifth, plans for the Day itself in local areas that actually reflect the vision of the Call have to be planned and organized. Not just the day and place but the permits obtained and speakers lists publicized in PSAs, ads and mass blitzing of stickers and leaflets that announce what exactly is happening on Nov 2nd. And these plans need to go up immediately on the website.

Sixth, the development of a critical movement of students on key campuses, and then hundreds of campuses more broadly, taking up the day with political boldness and moral conviction.

Seventh, the growth of a movement at high schools, both in the working class and middle class, in key metro and suburban areas actively organized for NO SCHOOL on November 2nd.

Eighth, a powerful salute and reaching out to the Millions More Movement in Washington on October 15th, where word is spread to tens of thousands, and hundreds of new organizers are brought forward to drive out the Bush Regime.

All committees will have to plan for the right synergy and relation of different aspects of the above plans - as they apply to different conditions in different cities, regions and different sized committees.

Finally - but hardly least! - I want to tell people about two really big and important "punctuation points" between now and November 2nd.

1. Plans are currently underway to launch an "encampment" in Washington D.C., beginning several days before October 15 and lasting until the Day itself, which will proclaim the determination of this movement to make November 2 the beginning of the end of the Bush regime. This will play a dynamic and critical role, both as a sort of "living website" of the movement, and giving reality to the emergence and development of the movement, as well as a force that in many imaginative ways projects the message of the Call for November 2 out to the whole country, and serves as a magnet for others. (See the letter on the website signed by Earl Kooperkamp and me.) This is going to be a really exciting and dynamic way to reach out to millions of people!

2. The Tribunal set to open in New York on October 21 and 22 which has now added testimony on Hurricane Katrina to determine whether the Bush Administration's response warrants an indictment for crimes against humanity - can help create a powerful and compelling impetus for the 2nd, driving home to people WHY MUST the Bush Regime be driven from office.

In these next three weeks, we all have to throw in with everything we've got. We've got to seize on every advance, big or small, and use that to make further advances. We can't lose momentum, we can't settle back into politics as usual, and we can't acquiesce to any puny visions. On the contrary, I think we have to continually return to the vision set forth in our Call for November 2, and on that basis bring forward the thousands and millions who really do welcome what is in the Call and who are urgently seeking a way to become part of something that is unprecedented in the U.S.: a movement that sets itself the goal of driving the Bush regime from power and stopping and reversing the whole disastrous course the Bush regime has set us on.

For a future we'd want to live in, and with love and struggle,


Volunteers Needed to take out The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime at the Millions More March in DC on Oct. 15

When: 10/15/05

Drivers Wanted!

Volunteers Needed to take out The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime to the Millions More Movement in DC on October 15th


On October 15th, hundreds of thousands of mainly Black people are expected to converge on Washington DC for the Millions More Movement outpourings. The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime salutes them for stepping out at this critical moment and calls for teams of volunteers to be in the crowd getting out information about November 2nd. (Read the salute here.)

This comes hot on the heels of the mass murder of mainly Black, Latino and poor people through criminal negligence committed by the Bush regime during its “response” to the Katrina disaster. This comes in the wake of comments by a prominent evangelical about abortion of all Black babies to bring crime down. This comes at a time when racist attitudes and violence, including the beating deaths of 6 Mexican immigrants in Georgia and the “patrolling” of the U.S./Mexican border by vigilantes, have escalated under an official blind eye and some official praises.

Many thousands of the marchers will be looking for a way to resist and put an end to the juggernaut of unjust war, repression and intolerant bigotry of the Bush regime.

So, we are calling on volunteers to come to DC to be part of teams taking out the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime organizing kits and other materials into the crowd. We need to meet many thousands of these marchers, sign them up on the World Can't Wait email list, and send many back as organizers in their area. Their outrage at this regime must become part of the spirit and edge of the November 2nd outpourings nation-wide.

The organizers of this event have made a point of welcoming women as well as men, speaking of the need for multi-national unity, and have extended an invitation to queer organizations to participate. And, there is an urgent need for white people and people with privilege and position to stand with those hit hardest by the direction of this regime - even if for some this means leaving their "comfort zone." We cannot accept the stereo-types of Black and other oppressed people cultivated by the politicians and the mainstream media, or the divisions these images reinforce. In our resistance we must forge seeds of a future society where different peoples and cultures relate with mutual respect, equality and understanding.

Therefore, we are calling on volunteers of all nationalities, genders and sexual orientations to join the teams in DC taking out the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! This gathering is as important as the September 24th outpourings against the war were - in terms of reaching a very important section of people who are actively agonizing about what it will take to reverse the direction society is being dragged in and who are looking for a way to be a part of doing this.

We will have an orientation on Friday evening in DC (details to come) and then send out teams into the crowd all day on Saturday. Look for a local bus or car-pool in your area to get to DC, or gather up a car or vanload of people and get yourself there.

The World Can't Wait! Driver's Wanted.

Salute to the Millions More Marchers - Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime


Salute to the Millions More Marchers - Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime!

(The Millions More March is on Oct 15 in Washington, DC. Read World Can't Wait's call for teams to go to this important event here.)

You are gathering at a critical and extreme moment in U.S. and world history.

You are raising your voices at a time when prominent evangelical leaders with ties to the White House use their voices to float out ideas like exterminating Black babies, beheading drug dealers, or executing "habitual criminals" to bring crime rates down.

You are converging at a time when hundreds of thousands of Black people, poor people, and other oppressed people from the Gulf Coast region have been dispersed, unable to return home, criminalized, and bitterly betrayed in the aftermath of Katrina.

You are bringing your legitimate grievances to the front lawn of a president who came to power illegitimately in the first place, through the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of Black voters.

We extend our greetings and salute to all those who dare to bring their righteous outrage, impatience, and determination to DC at a time when the very survival of large sections of Black, Latino, South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and other oppressed peoples is at stake.

We, in The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime, recognize that the Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We understand that racism and injustice did not begin with the Bush regime. But this regime has dramatically escalated the criminalization of, impoverishment of, and bigotry towards Black people and other people of color under the Bush administration as a key part of this whole program which includes unjust wars for empire, attacks on women's reproductive freedom, the normalization of torture, heightened repression, attacks on science, and moves towards theocracy. We need more than fighting each of Bush's outrages one at a time and constantly losing ground to the whole onslaught.

Based on this understanding, we have thrown in everything we've got to make November 2nd a day when history begins to turn.

As it says in our Call, "November 2nd must be a massive and public proclamation that WE REFUSE TO BE RULED IN THIS WAY. November 2nd must call out to the tens of millions more who are now agonizing and disgusted. November 2nd will be the beginning - a giant first step in forcing Bush to step down, and a powerful announcement that we will not stop until he does so - and it will join with and give support and heart to people all over the globe who so urgently need and want this regime to be stopped."

We urge each of you reading this to take up organizing for November 2nd. Make this part of whatever you are already involved in, bring this to your church, your mosque, your school, laundromat, community center and family. Let your righteous anger at the disrespect and disregard this regime has heaped on the poor and oppressed throughout this country and around the world fuel you in all-out resistance. The world truly cannot wait! Acting together, with great urgency, clarity and determination - we can make history. Drive out the Bush regime!

To Air America listeners

air america RADIO: Reaching millions Who want to drive out the regime !

World Can't Wait

World Can't Wait Extends a Warm Welcome to the Listeners of Air America!

On October 3 and 4th World Can't Wait broadcast a 30-second advertisement nationally on Air America Radio. Air America Radio was launched on March 31, 2004 as a liberal radio network in the United States. Approximately every hour for two days World Can't Wait connected with millions of Air America listeners who absolutely despise Bush and want to see him and his posse out of office yesterday.

Last week DJ's and listeners were not only discussing the recent horrors unleashed by the Bush Regime, but they also talked about how to STOP the Bush Regime in its tracks. DJ Mike Malloy featured World Can't Wait's Sunsara Taylor as a guest on his show after he and callers mentioned November 2 as a major day of protest.

Two days of ads on Air America have connected us with millions across the country who will not wait! In keeping with this spirit and determination we must not stop short now. Our phones are ringing, website traffic has jumped dramatically, and email is streaming in from new people who are making plans for November 2 off of hearing our ad.

The ads are reaching veteran activists, students, and brand new people from all walks of life. A contractor in Florida called us after hearing the ads and was so impressed by the quality of the ad running on national radio he gave a substantial donation because he wanted World Can't Wait to stay on the air. Another woman emailed and said she had been passing out flyers for November 2 in her area and upon hearing the ad she was inspired to be a part of a movement that is touching the lives of millions to lead them to change the course of history.

With less than 4 WEEKS until November 2 kicks off the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime, we will keep reaching out to the listeners of Air America.

RIGHT NOW we are producing two more ads to appear on the airwaves in the coming days. $20,000 is needed to keep the ads running. In the spirit of one new World Can't Wait organizer who donated $1,000 and said, "The Democrats facilitate the Republicans. They have no firm alternative to pose," we ask you to give all you can.